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The Lanzhou Mines Machinery Co., LTD, a private joint-stock enterprise, is founded in 1986. It was formerly known as machinery research institute of lanzhou mine, belonging to the national high-tech enterprises and the science and technology innovation demonstration enterprises of the Gansu province. The assets of this company are nearly about one hundred and sixty million yuan. Company covers an area of 28,000 square meters, including workshop area of 8,600 square meters and an area of 5800 square meters as R&D center. The company headquarter is located at NO.10 of Chengling road in the high-tech industrial park of Anning Economic and Technological Development Zone;The factory is located in the high-tech industrial park of Lanzhou. The company have staff of 150 people and the annual output value is of 280 million yuan.
Lanzhou Mine Machinery Co., LTD engaged in the design and manufacturing of oil drilling equipment, as well as the technical service of field engineering project, etc. Since these twenty years, it formed from twenty-eight engineer whose main business is the backbone of scientific research and development, pilot production, service camps. Products are widely used in various fields nationwide, and partly exported to the U.S., Kazakhstan, Sudan, Singapore other countries, well praised by users.
The products of our company have won two national new product certificate; one national torch plan; some Provincial science and technology progress prize; dozens of national invention patents and utility model patents. Meanwhile our company have obtained ISO9001:2000 version quality system certification, and special vehicles production license approved by the national development and reform commission.
The main products are: high-power cementing cement trucks SNC70-1.6; cementing cement trucks SNC35-1.2; cementing cement trucks SNC40-1.7; these cement car series, domestic market share of 12%, of which the market share of 41% in the shanbei oilfield; fracturing truck YLC-70; fracturing truck YLC-1050; fracturing truck YLC-1200; fracturing truck YL-C1400; fracturing truck YLC-1800; fracturing truck YLC-2250; Fracturing truck series in the domestic market share of 18%, with a market share of 60% in the shanbei oilfield; sand control cars FSC-4; HSC-60 Blender; HSC-90 Blender; HSC-170 Blender; HSC-210 Blender; Blender series market share of 20% in the domestic; TJC-35 Wells washing cars; TGL-60 boiler cars; TQL-40 thermal washing cars; TQL-35 thermal washing cars; Wash wells car series domestic market share reached 12%; PYBC-3 pump truck with liquid, ZHBC-40 integrated pump truck domestic market share of 100%, these two series products were the only company exclusive development and manufacturing by our company. GYBC - 3 cars for liquid pump; YCBC - 40 remote recovery pump truck; TQH - 70 manifold; BGC - 2400 back tanker; BH-26.1 Batch Mixing car; PHQ1.6-8 Mixing skid; GAYC chemical wax car; F2-1.25 skid mounted steam generator; ZF1-6 skid mounted steam generator; ZF2-6 skid mounted steam generator; BQ700 pump skid; BQ400 pump skid; BQ350 pump skid; 3GB-500 Mud Pump skid; 3ZB-600 Mud Pump skid; 3ZB-700 Mud Pump skid; 3GB-300 electric mud skid, etc. dozens of special equipments which are using in the oil fields and Offshore platforms cementing systems, the offshore workover pump system as well as the programmable hunban wells dry mixing device.
Under the premise of playing equipment manufacturing advantages, company actively participates in technical services in oilfield project and has outstanding achievements in drilling, well cementing, workover, fracturing. Meanwhile it is able to complete 6,000 meters of drilling to well cementing operations. Stratified horizontal well fracturing projects involved in fracturing, acid fracturing, the fracturing of coalbed methane, shale gas fracturing and natural gas fracturing. Equipments of our manufacture are in the most advantageous cost to complete various jobs.
The products and technical services has won great praise by the uses in the major oil fields in the country, especially in northern Shanxi oil market it has got customer satisfaction title.
Company profits for seven consecutive years, the cumulative revenue is about 60 million yuan turned over to state. It is the AAA credit enterprise and High-tech Development Zone tax advanced enterprises of Lanzhou. It is also provincial science and technology innovation demonstration enterprises, the provincial tax credit rating class A units and was awarded the title of outstanding private enterprises in Lanzhou for three consecutive years. Companies continue to increase research and development of new products in order to make a significant contribution in petroleum machinery field of our country and a more brilliant tomorrow of this enterprises.